Combimix is the latest farm machinery of our range of combine tools for soil preparation. It is aptly named as it is a fully mounted combination tillage cultivator. So let's introduce it.

It is a 3 meter wide machine with leading soil loosening tines, followed by 2 rows of independent discs and rear packers which achieve consolidation.

5 front tines cultivate the soil below the 'pan'. Available with different styles of tines to suit all soil types.

A double row of 'hydraulically' controlled discs chop, cultivate and mix trash residue. Creating a level tilth ready for the paker.

A rear paker consolidates the ground leaving a level seedbed. With a choice of packers to suit all soil types and ground conditions a level finish is achieved every time.

Fully mounted and suitable for tractors from 150hp and up, it fits into the combination cultivator range already offered by Gregoire Besson.

The Combimix is perfect for small to medium farms. The working depth is controlled by the discs and packer, which in turn control the depth of the tines. Allowing full and fine control of the whole machine from front to back. A perfect seedbed achieved in 'one-pass'."