At Grégoire-Besson, respect of the soil is a core value. This is materialised by taking into consideration agronomical, economical and natural realities. So, soil preparation, the work that will allow men to produce food for others is accompanied by a motto: Remember that mother nature always gives more than what we will ever return to her. It's always keeping in mind this idea that Gregoire Besson continues to move forward with you. Tillage Specialist, manufacturer of premium quality machines

1802, Joseph Gregoire settled down in his forge at Montigné sur-Moine, Maine-et-Loire (49). At the start of the twentieth century, the heirs of Victor and Joseph specialized in the construction of agricultural machinery and especially the plough.

In 1959, Alphonse Besson, son-in-law of Victor Grégoire takes the helm of the company "Grégoire-Besson". From a small local company, Grégoire-Besson extends its marketing throughout the France.

In 1993, Patrick Besson, the son of Alphonse, became chairman of the Group. He brought a new dynamic to external developments and the export market. These developments are illustrated by the takeover of four production companies in France (SNF in 1989, Askel in 2001 Souchu in 2005, Dehondt in 2006) and the creation of six commercial subsidiaries on three continents (England 1991, Canada 1992, Poland 1998, Russia 2006, China  2010 and Ukraine 2011). The development of export markets is done through the establishment of partnerships with importers covering 72 countries.

The year 2011 was marked by futher the development of exports. On the one hand with the establishment of a new production site in Ancona (Italy), a factory specializing in the manufacture of tools for Africa and Asia and also with the acquisition of the RABE Agri GmbH company in Germany. These developments will enable the Group Grégoire-Besson to expand its zone of action in emerging markets and increase production capacity to supply countries developing their agriculture. Today the French market leader, the Group Grégoire-Besson is positioned as a specialist manufacturer of premium tillage equipment  (ploughs, disc harrows, tined equipment).


Our mission: Build farm machinery for working the soil adapted to all types of tractors, regardless of their power, and the size of the farms on which they operate.

  • Agronomy: Understanding the life of the earth, its characteristics, evaluate the expectations of the people who live from it.
  • Engineering: Develop innovative machines, long lasting and ergonomically designed.
  • Metallurgy: Build perfectly adapted and efficient machines by perpetuating our know how and mastering the working of steel.