The world's largest exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment offers Grégoire-Besson the privileged opportunity to publically present its most recently developed products. Known as a leader in the design and manufacture of tillage equipment, Grégoire Besson has always listened to its users, thus, the group keeps innovating in order to provide adapted tillage solutions for any operating conditions in its three product lines: ploughs, disc harrows and tined implements.
For the Agritechnica Show, Grégoire-Besson presents new products and new ranges adapted for the different export markets.

Grégoire-Besson offers more choices with its range RW8. This plough already exhibited at Agritechnica 2011 will be shown in 2013 with two new specifications.
The standard version, a mounted plough from 5 to 6 furrows is equipped with variable hydraulic working width adjustment. The main features of this plough are: large choice in types of safety devices, offset elements, hydraulic double wheel, with the adjustments operated from the tractor cab. 
Two significant innovations have been introduced to the plough :
- Transpak equipment (integrated roller). Packing the full ploughed width, the Transpak enables a seed-bed preparation when ploughing. Using Transpak allows ploughing and consolidation in one pass. Results are: optimisation of tillage efficiency reduced working time, reduced fuel consumption per hectare, maximum profitability. Immediate ploughing consolidation prevents erosion and maintains soil moisture, key factors for homogeneous fast germination for the following crop. 
- The plough RW8 is also available in on-land version. Appropriate for tractors from 160 to 240 HP, the plough suits particularly tractors equipped with large tyres or tracked tractors. An on-land plough RW8 with 7 furrows and shearbolt safety device will be exhibited at Agritechnica. This plough configuration enables high output and manoeuvrability. 

Tillage cultivation choices are part of the strategy of farm management.
The right choices for cultivation techniques and the capacity to adapt to the different soil conditions (type of soil, climate, culture) are the conditions for efficient performance.
Grégoire-Besson has developed the SOLIS for its polyvalency, high output and high performance on the agronomy aspect.

Grégoire-Besson, specialist of the Discordon, will present its new tines & discs combination, 
the SOLIS. This implement associates:

  • 1 front row of independent large diameter discs, mounted on Lameflex protection device
  • 3 rows of tines, type Eurochisel
  • 1 rear row of independent large diameter discs, mounted on Lameflex protection device
  • 1 rear packer roller

This combination ensures in one pass, high quality tillage and high output. This range is appropriate for tractors from 240 to 400 HP.

Flail disc
In partnership with the disc supplier Niaux, Grégoire-Besson offers a range of machines equipped with the new flail disc 710mm diameter and 10mm thick.
Considering its diameter and aggressiveness, this disc is perfect to work in extreme conditions, its use is recommended where there are high quantities of plant residues (fallow fields, maize, sugar cane etc.). This disc, with a high penetration capacity offers a high quality residue chopping and mixing of the soil with the stubble, it results well mixed deep tillage. The flail disc 710/10 will be presented at Agritechnica, fitted on a V-shaped disc harrow «VMP».

At Agritechnica, Gregoire-Besson will reveal its new range of mounted stubble harrows, type Crossland. This stubble harrow with 3 rows of tines is characterised by the Eurochisel tine, the new disc or tine levelling device, and a new packer roller.
For this new generation of implements, Grégoire-Besson has developed the Eurochisel tine and the non-stop protection system which can accept up to 450 Kg trip pressure. Available with a tine spacing of 230 mm, the Crossland stands out with its agronomic quality of stubble cleaning, keeping a perfect level finish This range is available from 3,00 to 5,50 m working width.

To equip the largest agricultural customers, Grégoire Besson expanded its range of plough with VOYAGER.
For tractors without three-point linkage, the new range of plough VOYAGER is characterised by its articulated front wheel axle.
This Gregoire-Besson innovation fits most tractors and improves handling while securing manoeuvres, this development is intended for users of tractors not equipped with 3 points linkage.
Another characteristic of Gregoire Besson semi-mounted ploughs, VOYAGER enjoys a rack and pinion turnover system, optimized for this range to increase the efficiency of the plough.
 VOYAGER allows working widths greater than 6m wide and increased efficiency of +30% compared to other products offered on the market.
Presented for preview with 17 bodies at Agritechnica, the VOYAGER range will be available for sale during the 2014 season.